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German Athletics Federation (DLV) [accreditation system]

Smart System solution for fast and individual accreditations

German Athletics FederationThe German Athletics Federation (DLV) is the union of the German National Athletics Associations based in Darmstadt. In autumn 2015, the DLV requested YouCard to establish a custom-tailored accreditation system for their various sporting events.

So far, the DLV used annual passes for the control and management of access authorizations. These passes were issued once a year and granted athletes, employees and the press access to all events and special function areas. To manage access rights more explicitly in the future, the DLV was looking for a new solution. The primary objective was to find a solution, which is temporally and spatially limitable. In addition, there should be a division between the year accreditations and event accreditations. A particular claim was made concerning the speed of the printing system. After several meetings of the DLV project managers and the consultants of YouCard, a convincing and sustainable solution was found.

DLV: “Our objectives were achieved and the YouCard support team made a great job. Whenever a question has arisen, we had a direct contact and got help!”

“Complete package that is very easy to use”

The Accreditation solution by YouCard consists of a fully database-enabled CardPresso card-software in conjunction with the card printing system SwiftColor SCC-4000D. This high-resolution inkjet card printer prints both ISO standard cards (CR-80) and XL cards in record speed. It is therefore ideally suited for individual accreditation at sporting events, an environment where the number of cards to be printed in the shortest possible time. Sportsmen-, employee- and press-accreditations are now printed in seconds at enormously low printing costs.

The card software CardPresso provides a database connection to MS Access, so you can create passes automatically from the database. Both applications, the annual accreditation, as well as the event accreditation, can be run with only one card printing system thanks to the efficient solution of YouCard. With the new accreditation system, the German Athletics Federation looks into a bright future.

YouCard proves itself once again as an ideal partner in the sports sector. It is not for nothing, that the DLV calls YouCard “very professional and friendly.” Especially the price-performance ratio convinced the Sports Association of the solution.

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