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Smart Cards

Smartcards in Ihrem UnternehmenSmart cards are highly secured chip cards with an operating system as well as a volatile internal memory (RAM) and a non-volatile data storage device (EEPROM). This rather complicated construction is profitable as it ensures that smart cards compared to chip cards can operate autonomously.
Accordingly, it is impossible to externally be granted access to their data on the field. The most successful smart cards are financial, electronic cash and credit cards, where chip cards often do not secure the storaged personal data good enough.
Smart cards can also be purchased as hybrid cards that include a RFID chip which allows the plastic card to contactlessly convey saved information. For this reason it is possible to implement several card systems on just one plastic card, such as a time tracking, access control or a paying system.
Additionally, it is possible to increase security standards by adding optical security technology to the smart cards. This might include a laser personalization using HID FARGO 8500 LE or an individual hologram.
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We are offering the following Smart Cards (Selection):

HerstellerChip Modell / SmartcardSpeicher (bis zu)
Atmel6464C PRO 64K64K EEPROM
Atmel6464C PRO USB 64K64K EEPROM
AxaltoCryptoFlex 8K8K EEPROM
AxaltoCryptoflex 16K16K EEPROM
AxaltoCryptoflex Access 32K e-gate32K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 32K V232K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 32K V4 SM 1.332K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 32K e-gate32K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 64K V1 SM 2.164K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 64K V1 Bio SM 3.164K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 64K V1 SM 4.164K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 64K v2a SM 2.364K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 64K v2b SM 1.164K EEPROM
AxaltoCyberflex Access 64K v2b SM TBD or v2c64K EEPROM
GemplusGemXpresso 32K32K EEPROM
GemplusGemXpresso Pro 64K R3 v164K EEPROM
GemplusGemXpresso Pro 64K R3 FIPS v264K EEPROM
GemplusGemXpresso Pro R3 E64 PK – Standard64K EEPROM
Giesecke & DevrientSmartCafe 32K v132K EEPROM
Giesecke & DevrientSmartCafe Expert 32K v2.0 #232K EEPROM
Giesecke & DevrientSmartCafe Expert 64K (Tiger)64K EEPROM
OberthurGalactIC 32K #1 und #232K EEPROM
OberthurCosmopolIC 32K v432K EEPROM
OberthurCosmopolIC 32K v4 Fast ATR32K EEPROM
OberthurCosmopolIC 64K v5.2D64K EEPROM
Athena SCSASECard Cryptoup to 72KB EEPROM
GemaltoGemalto .NET IM V3128 kbytes EEPROM,
90 kbytes for assemblies
GemaltoGemalto .NET IM V3+, Hybrid Mifare Classic128K EEPROM
GemaltoGemalto .NET IM V3+, Hybrid Legic / HITAG / EM4200128K EEPROM
GemaltoGemalto Classic TPC IS V336K EEPROM
GemaltoGemalto Classic TPC IM CC68KB
GemaltoGemalto Classic TPC IM68KB
GemaltoGemalto TOP IM FIPS CY2
(Cyberflex Access 64k v2)
64KB for applets and data
GemaltoGemalto IAS TPC72K EEPROM
GemaltoGemalto MPCOS Combi18KB EEPROM or 16KB + Mifare emulation
GemaltoGemalto MPCOS Entry1KB EEPROM
GemaltoGemalto MultiApp ID Combi72 KB, 18KB EEPROM or 16KB + Mifare Emulation
GemaltoGemalto MultiApp ID IAS ECC72 KB
GemaltoGemalto MultiApp ID IAS ECC Combi72K EEPROM
GemaltoGemalto TOP Java Cardsbis 128KB EEPROM
NXPJCOP 2.4.1 R3.All availabe sizes
NXPJCOP 2.4.2 R2.All availabe sizes
NXPCortex-M3 (32-Bit)up to 512KB Flash
NXPCortex-M0 (32-Bit)up to 32KB Flash
NXPARM7 (32-Bit)up to 1024KB Flash
NXPARM9 (32-Bit)up to 256KB Flash
NXP80C51 (8-Bit)up to 64KB Flash
NXPXA (16-Bit)up to 1024KB Flash
InfineonSLE66up to 144K EEPROM
InfineonSLE78up to 144K EEPROM
InfineonSLE88up to 660K EEPROM
InfineonSLE50up to 68K EEPROM

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