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RFID Labels

Person mit RFID Etikett in der HandWith RFID labels you get instead of the usual RFID smart cards a small, practical label in which both the RFID antenna and a memory chip with up to 4096 bytes of memory are permanently installed.
With the aid of the electromagnetic waves of the RFID adhesive film, data can be easily exchanged via a transponder with other RFID-capable devices, such as RFID card readers or even smartphones. The application to packaging, products or the safe installation in technical devices is easily possible. Direct contact between the label and the card reader is not absolutely necessary as the radio waves penetrate almost all materials over shorter distances.
RFID labels are superior to other technologies such as barcodes in many aspects. This way, the adhesive films can be captured automatically “in passing” and flexibly placed on the respective object. RFID labels are therefore not only suitable in the processed industry, logistics, archives, retail and industrial laundries, but also for the identification of goods such as vehicles, medicines, garments and valuables, and also for the detection of animals and persons (identity documents, time records, access controls).

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Which RFID labels are suitable for my application?

RFID tags distinguish between active and passive tags. While active decals are powered by an integrated battery, the power supply for passive decals is via the data transmission of the RFID antenna. Another distinguishing criterion is the different frequency ranges for RFID chip cards and adhesive films. While frequencies of 868 MHz are used for UHF chips, data transmission via shortwave or longwave (125 kHz / 13.56 MHz) is also possible. Also the used materials and components of the RFID labels should adapt to the respective application environments. Which technology is most suitable for your application can be found in the free and non-binding advice provided by our card specialists.

RFID technologies are therefore establishing themselves in more and more applications, such as: As in key fobs (key fobs) or in bracelets that replace the traditional smart cards in many areas.

RFID complete solutions from a single source

At YouCard, you receive complete RFID system solutions, including matching readers and advice from a single source. Our experts will gladly provide you with a non-binding and free quote!

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