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HID iCLASS & Prox Chip Cards

HID Globals iCLASS chip cards can be used contactless via RFID 13,56 MHz frequency and include a memory from 256 bytes up to 4 kilobytes. ICLASS chip cards can generally be used to be both read and encoded by many kind of card readers, like USB chip card readers or built-in readers in card printers. In addition the iCLASS technology comprises special iCLASS card readers such as HID OMNIKEY Cardman card readers and iCLASS chip cards, which allow you high level security standards.

Main advantages of HID iCLASS chips:

  • Up to 16 applications
  • HID iCLASS read-/ write- technology
  • Maximum security standard due to authentication between the card and the relating reading device
  • Encrypted data transfer and highest transfer rate
  • 64-Bit key for high level security
  • Reliable transferring while guaranteed data integrity
  • On-site programming feasible
  • Compliant with ISO 15693 and ISO 14443

HID iCLASS Chip Card Series: Trustable, affordable and flexible

  • The HID iCLASS 256 byte chip card is HID Global’s smallest and most reasonable priced RFID chip card with two segments.
  • The HID iCLASS 2K chip card made by HID Global comes fully packed with either 2 or 16 segments. HID’s Trusted Identity Platform guarantees high-level data protection.
  • The HID iCLASS 4K chip card is the largest iCLASS RFID chip card and is available with either 2 or 16 segments.
  • The HID Pro X2 chip card is ideally suited for highest security requirements due to the fact that it cannot be retrospectively encoded.

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HID Prox Chip Cards

HID iCLASS RFID-Chipkarten, RFID Karte, Plastikkarte. Beitragsbild HID iCLASS RFID-Chipkarten, RFID Karte, Plastikkarte HID Prox cards are a perfect solution for businesses and organizations, who need an unique high-level security chip card. HID Prox chip cards are therefore most commonly applied to manage access controls or for high-security visitor, staff or employee managements, dued to the fact that prox chip cards cant be encoded after their first initialization. HID Global produces this kind of chip cards only by request, so that your plastic cards will be produced only to fit your individual wishes and expectations.

Therefore HID Prox chip cards are a really forgery-proofed premium card solution.

HID iCLASS and Prox Card Readers:

Prox-Reader HID iCLASSApart from the selected HID iCLASS chip card or HID Prox chip card, YouCard also provides you with every compatible iCLASS and Prox card reader. All HID card readers are high quality products which are very customer-friendly and cost-effective. Even iCLASS card readers who are compatible with other RFID chips like LEGIC advant or MIFARE Classic 1K  are available.

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