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Printing guidelines

Our convenient printing guidelines support you producing the perfect plastic card layout. We provide you with assistance to ensure the best possible quality of your plastic cards! Feel free to download our style sheets and use our support.

Printing guidelines

Satisfying our customers with high quality printing results of their plastic cards is a very serious matter to us. To realize this matter in the most successful way, we have some minimum requirements regarding the printing data of our clients.

The standard plastic cards have the size of 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm with rounded edges (radius 3 mm). Your plastic card layout must stick out at least 2 mm beyond that shape – This helps avoiding the development of a white margin around your plastic cards, when they are being produced. Please use the CMYK color space while preparing your layout. RGB colors are not realizable and converting them afterwards from RGB to CMYK color space, may cause an intense change of colors. The printing resolution must be at least 300 dpi. We also suggest you to use vectorized instead of pixel-based data in your layout to maximize the printing quality (company logo i.e.). Fonts must be converted into paths at any case.

We accept following file formats:

  • .pdf – printable PDF
  • .psd – Adobe Photoshop v.7 or lower for PC
  • .ai or .eps – Adobe Illustrator v.10 or lower for PC

A summarizing datasheet with all our requirements regarding your layout for plastic card printing can be downloaded below:


Stylesheets for your Layout creation:

adobe photoshop style sheet for plastic card layout Adobe Illustrator Druckvorlage Adobe Indesign Druckvorlage
Photoshop Printing Template Illustrator Printing Template InDesign Printing Template

You need help with the layout creation?

No problem, just get in contact with our card experts and we create a card layout according to your wishes.


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