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business solutions

Business Solutions

Every branch of industry and every company has its own requirements. We at YouCard focus to fully integrate your individual needs and desires into your particular business solution.

Business Solutions

Every branch of industry has its particular requirements. We at YouCard are proud to refer to a considerable number of excellent references from various industrial sectors and industries. As we have years of work experience and are an official and certified premium partner of several world leading manufactures, we are able to satisfactorily support you with your projects. In doing so, we also make sure to fully integrate your individual needs and desires into your particular business solution.

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We provide you with special solutions for many industrial sectors and applications like:


Ticketing cards and badgesHaving been a long-time partner of numerous first division soccer, handball and basketball clubs in Germany, YouCard has specialized in offering you with ideally suited complete ticketing solutions. Whether you are looking for reasonable priced tickets, personalized season tickets or a customized complete printing system, our team of qualified experts is able to submit an offer that will certainly meet your requirements.


Access Control and time trackingAs we supply small-sized businesses as well as European major corporations with feasible card systems at reasonable prices, YouCard can be considered the perfect partner for your company. Whether you require employee ID cards, visitor management cards, loyalty cards or access cards, our corporate solutions team provides you always with the best solution.


Chip CardsOur plastic cards are perfectly suited for student or library cards as they are customizable and can integrate numerous functions such as granting access, paying, copying, railroad ticket and many more functions into just one smart card. Insofar as these cards are reprintable (only available by thermo-rewritable cards), you are able to do both: Save cash and our environment.


Customer CardsCustomer loyalty is particularly important in the retail trade. Therefore YouCard offers customer-focused card solutions that are suited for loyality cards, bonus cards, discount cards or club cards. These plastic cards help you to satisfy regular customers and to also attract new customers.

Medical / Health:

ID BadgesChip cards that are used in medical contexts not only have to be extremely reliable and guarantee maximum security, but they also need to conform to sanitary standards. Our plastic cards enable you to manage sensitive data of your patients and employees as well as to grant access control.

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