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RFID Wristbands

Big selection – Various personalization options

RFID applications are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Especially with the introduction of NFC technology, there will be a rapid increase of RFID applications in the German and European market in the future. Therefore, the interest in those called “Smart Keys” wristbands and key fobs with RFID technology increases noticeably!

The new RFID wristbands are a handy alternative to the RFID chip in plastic card format. They are worn like a watch on the wrist and ensure the safe and fast handling of many applications such as access control and contactless payment systems in f.e. amusement parks, swimming pools, sports or concert events, as well as in hotels or fitness clubs.

RFID bracelets: an innovative eye-catcher

The innovative RFID wristbands from YouCard make RFID technology even easier to use. The pleasant to wear bracelets are conveniently placed around the wrist and are barely noticeable by the very low weight. Its waterproofness and protection against both high and low temperatures make the RFID wristband particularly suitable for outdoor applications. On request we can print the bracelet personalized with your logo or emboss it. This is how the RFID wristband simultaneously becomes an advertising space. All bracelets are available in different colors and support all current and current chip formats on 125 khz and 13.56 Mhz technology.

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Areas of application (selection):


Access control

Time tracking

Amusement parks / recreational facilities

Swimming pools

Fitness clubs

Ski areas



Silicone wristband bestsellers:

Our robust all-rounders made of silicone defy external influences and offer ideal wearing comfort! Due to the stretchy texture, the bracelet and the chip can be easily and quickly attached to the wrist and can be used at any time!

We offer a variety of silicone bracelets of different colors, shapes and personalization options. An overview of our extensive RFID wristband portfolio can be found on our data sheet.

Silicone wristbands bestsellers:


See our extensive RFID wristband

portfolio here:



Single Use RFID wristbands

For events such as music festivals, which take place over a limited period of time, the use of so-called “single-use wristbands” is recommended. These RFID wristbands are designed for single use due to their nature and material. With us you get a wide variety of single-use bracelets, from simple, tear-resistant “Tyvek” paper wristbands, up to bracelets made of woven fabric, which bribe through noble appearance and pleasant wearing comfort. Of course, our single-use bracelets can be personalized with, for example, a logo or a number.


Hardwearing and tearproof! Tyvek is made of paper-like material with integrated chip, defies heat and water and is arbitrary, the wearing size is adjustable.


The RFID bracelet made of PVC can not be opened by hand after closing the pressure lock.


Woven, soft fabric of the band ensures a comfortable fit. Due to the sliding closure, the size can be adjusted as desired.


The RFID wristband made of PVC material is also equipped with a one-time usable pressure lock.


High quality PVC RFID wristbands

We also supply RFID wristbands made of high quality Novodur plastic. The plastic RFID wristbands are reminiscent of wearing comfort and appearance on conventional wristwatches. The ultrasonic welding of the transponder housing guarantees absolute watertightness – the noble bracelet is therefore often used in spas, saunas, brine baths and swimming pools.

Our plastic wristband is available in two versions: Once in the Classic version with a nylon / nylon strap (transponder housing made of Novodur plastic), and in the Comfort version, in which the straps are made of impact-resistant and unbreakable plastic. The plastic transponders offer a large Ø 28 mm print area, which is ideal for personalization with logo or numbering.





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