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nisca card printer

Nisca Card Printer

Team NISCA is a Specialist for tamper-proof ID Cards and 600 dpi Card Projects for Institutions, Businesses and Corporations.

Nisca Card Printers

Team NiSCA (Nisca) is your expert for high resolution dye-sublimation card printers. Since the market launch of the first printers in 1994, Nisca produces high-quality thermo-sublimation card printers. Nisca card printing systems are able to generate real “edge-to-edge” rimless card printing. Furthermore they provide both an exceptional coloring accuracy and due to its unique 24-bit color resolution an impressing print quality and robustness.

Nisca card printers are specialized in solutions for high-level security for identity cards and protection against forgery. Because of its stability and reliability Nisca card printers like the PR-C101 are a good choice for applications in projects with secured ID-cards. Having introduced PR-C201, Nisca also offers an amazing high-quality card printer with 600 dpi print resolution that is able to produce your plastic cards with state of the art security features such as microtext and guilloches.

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Nisca PR-C101 Kartendrucker, Team Nisca, Drucker für Plastikkarten
  • Dye-Sublimation Card Printer
  • One-sided Card Printing
  • Good Print Speed
  • Good Print Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Two years warranty
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Same Side Card Input and Output
Nisca PR-C201 Kartendrucker, Team Nisca, 600 dpi Kartendruck
  • Thermo-Retransfer /Resin Card Printer
  • Dual-sided Card Printing
  • High Print Speed
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • 600 dots per inch Printing
  • Two years warranty
  • Contact-based Chip Encoding
  • Contactless RFID Chip Encoding
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Lamination
  • Guillochés
  • Microtext

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