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HID FARGO HDP8500 Card Printer (discontinued)

The FARGO HDP8500 card printer is the superior ID printer for high throughput credential printing and encoding. It’s designed to master high security and quality requirements of any kind of card printing project.

This product has been discontinued
  • HID Fargo HDP8500 Kartendrucker von HID Global günstig bestellen
  • HID Fargo HDP8500 Kartendrucker von HID Global günstig bestellen
  • HID Fargo HDP8500 Kartendrucker von HID Global günstig bestellen
This product has been discontinued

With the new HID FARGO HDP8500 industrial card printer HID Global delivers the most reliable, high duty performance ID retransfer card printer in the industry.

The FARGO HDP8500 card printer is the superior industrial ID printer for high throughput credential personalization and issuance. It’s especially suited for the high duty cycle requirements of large ID or high security related plastic card programs.

With the HDP8500 card printer, you’ll get a print system loaded with a couple of great features that ensure reliability from enhanced card and consumable material handling to air filtration. Even special features like a cardflatner, an Andon-Light-System, ethernet, Wi-Fi or encoding modules for all kinds of magnetic stripe or chip cards are optional available. The FARGO HDP8500 is enabled within the HID Global Trusted Identity Platform and is interoperable with HID iCLASS chip cardsHID OMNIKEY card readers or other HID products. The Fargo HDP 8500 card printer is also compatible with our professional and customized card software solutions. With its built-in security features from operator PIN number access and multi-locking entry points, to data encryption and resin ribbon data-erase functionality, you’ll know your system is secure.

FARGOs HDP8500 retransfer technology works with a wide variety of card materials, giving you greater printing flexibility. HDP8500 are designed to work with the most durable consumables, ensuring long-life card provision for small and large ID programs. Clear and holographic overlaminate patches provide higher card durability and longer life to ID credentials. High Durable HDP Film are optional available which provides even greater abrasion resistance. Highest-level security features, including secure printing and secure lamination processes, provide lasting protection from fraud.

In addition the FARGO HDP8500 card printer are also upgradable with a special laser engraver for unique, furgery-proofed and perfect counterfeiting ID cards (for more information see HID Fargo HDP8500 LE card printer). Therfore HID HD8500 printer provide you with a high performance plastic card system with one of the highest card input capacities in the industry, meanwhile it requires minimal operator intervention, saves time and money.

As an offical HID partner, we provide you with first class consulting, service and support.

HID FARGO HDP8500 card printer application samples:

  • ID badges
  • Employee cards
  • Bonus cards
  • Tickets
  • Access controls
  • Time tracking
  • High Security cards
  • Confidental ID badges
Technical information
  • Premium Thermo-Retransfer / Resin Card Printer
  • Dual-sided Card Printing
  • Thermal-Rewrite Printing
  • High Print Speed
  • Excellent Print Quality
  • High Security Options
  • Printer & Printhead: 2 years warranty
Available options
  • Contact-based Chip Encoding
  • Contactless RFID Chip Encoding
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi Module
  • Cardflatner
  • Andon-Light-System
  • Laser Engraver
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