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HID Omnikey 5125 Prox Card Reader (discontinued)

Card Reader for contactbased and contactless HID Prox Chip Cards.

This product has been discontinued
This product has been discontinued

The HID OMNIKEY 5125 card reader is a high-performance, USB smart card reader for desktop use that can be used with any contactbased and contactless Prox card.

Complete with multiple base mounting options and a robust housing, the OMNIKEY 5125 Prox card reader is compliant with all industry standards. In addition this dual-interface reader for contactbased and contactless chip cards works with any existing HID Prox card enabling implementation of new logical access applications without re-badging. Practical and affordable, the OMNIKEY 5125 reader is easy to install and has a transmission speed to the plastic card of up to 420 Kbps transforming it into an ideal solution for a variety of contact smart card operations, including online banking, finance or digital signature applications.

HID OMNIKEY 5125 Prox Features:

  • Great reading ability – Supports all HID Prox chip cards and HID Indala cards with contact unit based on OMNIKEY 3121
  • Modern and mobile design – Ideal for using on different workplaces with heavy standing base for vertical and horizontal card insertion
  • Plug & Play – Easy installation and integration. Shipped with support for adhesion (e.g. to PC monitor)
  • Fast data transfer rate – Up to 420 Kbps
  • Flexible – Supports all established industry standards and application interfaces (e.g. CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, WEEE bzw. PC/SC, OCF und CT-API) with 26-bit format up to Corporate 1000 format support
  • Windows, Mac & Linux – All current operating systems are supported
  • HID warranty – 2 years warranty
Technical information
  • Card Reader for contactbased and contactless HID Prox Chip Cards
  • LED Display
  • HID Prox
  • HID Indala Prox    
Available options
  • Custom branding
  • Custom coloring
  • Extra heavy base
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