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RFID wristbands

RFID wristbands

RFID applications enjoy immense popularity in Germany these days. Especially the introduction of NFC-technology will cause a rapid increase of RFID applications on the German and European market in the future. With said increase comes an enhanced interest in so called “smart keys”, which are known as wristbands and/or key fobs with embedded RFID technology.

Our new RFID wristbands, which are made of strechable silicone, are a handy alternative to classic RFID plastic cards. Worn like a watch on your wrist, they guarantee secure and fast processing of applications like acces control or contactless payment at swimming pools, amusement parks, sport events, concerts, hotels or fitness clubs.

RFID wristbands: An innovative eye-catcher:

Thanks to innovative RFID wristbands from YouCard, applications with RFID technology are getting more simple. Our wristbands can be worn comfortably mounted on the wrist and are hardly noticeable thanks to their low weight. The RFID wristbands are perfect for various outdoor activities, because they are water resistant and withstand high as well as low temperature. Upon request our RFID wristbands can be personalized f.e. with your company logo or an embossing. This way your RFID wristband also functions as an advertising space.

We offer wristbands in multiple colors as well as all common and current chip formats with 125 khz and 13,56 Mhz technology.

RFID Armbänder mit Verschlussrfid armbänder blau

Application samples:

  • Access control
  • Time tracking
  • Amusement parks / Leisure parks
  • Pools
  • Fitness clubs
  • Ski resorts
  • Ticketing
  • Outdoor


  • Highly secure (depends on RFID chip)
  • Compact and individual design (multiple colors, forms, materials)
  • Robust against external impacts (scratches,chemicals, dust, dirt etc.)
  • Fast, contactless RFID data transfer
  • Comfortable mounting on the wrist
  • Usual chip functionality
  • Successful and innovative costumer retention / marketing instrument

Everything around RFID from one provider

Apart from RFID wristbands we also offer a variety of RFID labels, RFID cards, RFID tags and of course all compliant RFID card readers like iClass readers, LEGIC readers and MIFARE readers. Of course you can also order personalized, imprinted end encoded RFID key fobs.

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RFID wristband silicone:

rfid armband silikon schwarz
RFID wristband silicone. Size: 65mm.

Premium RFID wristband silicone:


Premium RFID wristband silicone finished with oil sprayin process. Size: 195mm.

RFID wristband silicone sport:

rfid armband silikon sportRFID wristband silicone with high wearing comfort. Suitable for sport activites. Size: 195mm.

RFID wristband silicone TAG:

rfid armband silikon tagRFID wristband silicone with high wearing comfort. Size: 195mm.

RFID wristband FIT:

RFID wristband silicone with small wrist FIT-band. Size: 74mm.

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