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MIFARE Classic EV1 1K / 4K card

Airberlin Zutrittskontrolle Chipkarten günstigThe RFID technology used most frequently world wide comes from NXP Semiconductors and is named MIFARE Classic EV1. By now the MIFARE family consists of many different chip generations and variations, which differ in memory size and performance. Overall more than 5 milliard MIFARE Classic cards and more than 50 million card readers have been sold all around the world!

Solutions based on MIFARE Classic technology occur mostly in the area of personal ID-applications. From multifunctional employee or visitor badges (f.e.: access control, time tracking, cashless payment) to ticketing applications like season tickets and student cards at universities: MIFARE Classic RFID cards are tested and reliable!

Besides the frequently used MIFARE Classic family, NXP offers highly secure MIFARE families like MIFARE Plus, MIFARE Ultralight C and MIFARE DESFire. YouCard is your perfect partner for all generations and versions of MIFARE families.

By the way: Our inhouse software solution YouCard YouChip is able to encode all MIFARE chips. With YouChip, encoding, personalization and creation of your cards can be combined in one working step. We also support you with a variety of card printing systems like Zebra, HID FARGO or Evolis card printers.

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Key features of MIFARE Classic EV1 1K / 4K cards:

  • Type: RFID Smart card chip
  • Chip-type: MIFARE Classic MF1S50 or MIFARE Classic MF1S70
  • Memory size: 1024 byte or 4096 byte EEPROM
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz (encrypted)
  • ISO/IEC-support: ISO 14443 type A 1-3
  • Format: Standard plastic card (ISO compliant ca. 8,56 x 5,398 cm)
  • UID: 7 byte or 4 byte
  • Segment management: 16 sections each with 4 blocks/32 sections each with 4 blocks/8 sections each with 16 blocks
  • Encryption: 16 bit CRC
  • Data transfer: up to 106 kbit/s
  • Range: up to 10 cm
  • Life cycle: 200.000 write cycles or 10 years

Typical applications with MIFARE Classic EV1 (Selection):

  • Public transportation
  • Access control / Time tracking
  • Season ticket / Annual tickets / Ticketing
  • Car parks
  • Student cards
  • Internet cafés
  • Costumer cards / Bonus cards
  • eGovernment
  • Employee cards

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Datasheet MIFARE Classic EV1

Datenblatt Vorschau Mifare Classic EV1

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