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LEGIC prime MIM 1024 card

LEGIC prime Ausweise für die ZutrittskontrolleThe LEGIC prime 1024 byte memory chip is one of the most successful memory chips. With a memory storage of 1024 byte it is LEGIC’s biggest prime memory chip with integrated RFID technology. We offer you high quality RFID cards, as well as RFID wristbands and/or RFID key fobs, with LEGIC prime or advant transponders – blank or printed. Of course you can order your cards personalized and encoded – Completely according to your preferences! 
If you want to find out more about our LEGIC cards and LEGIC RFID-technology, visit our LEGIC RFID chip cards site. 
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Key features of LEGIC chip prime 1024 MIM:

  • Type: RFID smart card chip
  • Chip-type: LEGIC-Chip MIM 1024-ASIC
  • Memory size: 1024Byte
  • Frequency: 13,56 MHz (encrypted)
  • ISO-compliance: 14443A
  • Format: Standard plastic card format (ISO 7810 compliant at ca. 8,56 x 5,398 cm)
  • Security management: Master-Token system control, automatic key management
  • Life cycle: 300.000 write cycles or. 10 years

Advantages of LEGIC prime 1024 chips:

  • Extremely versatile through freely programmable, variabel segment lenghts with individual programmable read-/write protection
  • Encrypted, contactless 13,56 MHz data transfer
  • Direct access to the (by specific application needed) memory segment
  • Longer communication distance through lower power consumption
  • Compatibility of all prime chip generations
  • Big LEGIC-partner network with best-practise-solutions
  • Extensive training program

Application examples of LEGIC prime 1024 cards:

  • Local public transportation
  • Season tickets / Annual tickets
  • Event ticketing / Ticketing
  • Customer loyalty
  • Multi applications
  • Access control
  • Time tracking
  • Biometric data storage
  • Parking & Logistics

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