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HID Omnikey 5021CL Card Reader (discontinued)

Compact RFID Chip Card Reader in many different designs.

Our HID OMNIKEY 5021 CL card reader reads contactless smart cards and RFID chip cards.

HID claims their OMNIKEY 5021 CL card reader as a milestone in card reader design with its clever new minimized pocket size. Due to its pocket design it allows a new range of markets and use cases such as Healthcare businesses, where computers on wheels and mobile work stations are commonly used. Like all OMNIKEY Card Readercs for contactless smart cards, the OMNIKEY 5021 card reader provides convenience, speed and security of contactless technology for applications such as log-on, email encryption and signature.

The OMNIKEY 5021 reader can be seamlessly integrated into any end-user environment with little or no administration, while the extensive color options allows you to seamless integrate the OMNIKEY 5021 into your corporate environment or representative areas.

HID OMNIKEY 5021CL Features:

  • Great reading ability – Supports many different RFID chip cards like NXP MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultraight C, HID iCLASS, TagIT, ST Micro, Infineon, My-d and Atmel
  • Modern and mobile design – Ideal for using on mobile and space-restricted environments dued to its small form-factor
  • Plug & Play – Easy installation and integration
  • Very fast data transfer rate – Up to 848 kb/s
  • Flexible – Supports all established industry standards and application interfaces
  • Windows, Mac & Linux – All current operating systems are supported
  • HID warranty – 2 years warranty
Technical information
  • Compact RFID Chip Card Reader in many different designs
  • LED Display
  • Texas Instruments TagIT
  • Infineon My-d
  • ST Micro
  • Atmel
Available options
  • Black, red, green or blue cover
  • Installation set with adhesive tape and additional mounting units
  • Card holder for “card present” operation
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