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Elatec TWN4 LEGIC NFC 4500M

125kHz/134.2kHz & 13.56MHz multi frequency contactless card reader

The Elatec TWN4 LEGIC NFC 4500M makes the writing and reading of almost every 125kHz/134.2kHz and 13,56 MHz-tags and/ or labels possible. The reader supports all common transponder of suppliers like ATMEL, EM-, ST-NXP, TI, HID, LEGIC, etc. and ISO-standards like ISO14443A / B including layer 4 (T = CL), ISO15693, ISO18092 / ECMA-340 (NFC).

This new generation is a direct extension of the popular TWN3-family. All host-communication can be performed via USB, RS232 or a serial TTL-interface.

Supported transponder:

  • 125kHz / 134.2kHz: 4100, 4102, 4200, AWID, CASI-RUSCO, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S, Keri, Miro, Pyramid, TIRIS/HDX, UNIQUE, FDX-B, Q5, TITAN (4×50), T55x7, ZOODIAC; Optional: 4305, Cardax, IDTECK
  • 13.56MHz / LEGIC Advant
  • 13.56MHz / LEGIC Prime
  • 13.56MHz / ISO14443 A+B: compatible to part 4, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE SmartMX, my-d move, PayPass ,MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C
  • 13.56MHz / ISO15693: EM4035, Tag-it, my-d vicinity, ICODE SLI, M24LR16/64, PicoPass, HID iCLASS
  • 13.56MHz / ISO18092 / NFC: NFCIP-1: NFC Forum Tag Type 2-4, Sony FeliCa

Special features TWN4 LEGIC NFC 4500M:

  • Strong performance SDK for app development, which can be implemented directly on the reader
  • In field upgradeable
  • Support of direct chip-commands
  • Two Onboard-SAM-slots (Secure Access Module)
  • CCID and PC/SC 2.01
  • Additional intefaces for OEM PCB versions:
    • I²C, SPI, Clock/Data, Wiegand, CAN
    • 8 GPIOS
    • Dedicated extension bus for screen, mass storage, etc.
Technical information
  • Size: 88mm x 56mm x 18mm
  • Interfaces: USB or optional RS232
  • Interfaces OEM-Board: USB and RS232 + I²C, SPI, Clock/Data, Wiegand, CAN
  • Transmission frequency: 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz (LF) / 13.56 MHz (HF)
  • Reading-/writing-range: up to 100mm (transponder dependent)
  • Power supply: 3V DC ± 5%
  • Temperature range: -45°C – +85°C
  • Weightt: ca. 20g
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